Breaking down the salts…

How can we break down the salts in our life? How can we know what to call God? this blog explores these topics on one bloggers spiritual journey away from shame

Morro Bay, California

In my alchemist studies, I am learning about breaking down the salts. Just as it is a natural process for rock to break down into sand over many many years, so it is that in my life I have come to realize that there are many salts in my life I want to break down. And there is no rushing it…

For example, my lavender tincture is breaking down material to become something I can use. Right now it just looks like a clump of something energetic.

One of the things I did with this tincture is put a tiny piece of paper in of something that I want to release. I chose shame… I already feel a shift away from guilt over my missing the mark in big and small ways.

I am a child of God, nothing more in terms of spiritual states. My son thinks using the word God is limiting and I agree. But to me it also means so much. Just as the picture above of one of my favorite places on earth is of a massive rock, I think of the power of God as limitless, all knowing, all present.

I am not always in the spiritual world though. But frequent it quite often. I have come to realize that death is just a separation of our physical state but that after we die, we begin to become what we were meant to be at long last for some, others it is briefer.

I look forward to being with God one day. I tend to prefer the word Source of all that is good. But for now I will use my limiting term according to my son and call the Source God. Easier and works for me…

Redefining my days, starting today. More writing, meditating, gardening and studying Alchemy.

Breaking down the salt of shame is the first step to love myself more the way God intends. And in loving myself more, I know I must take care of myself, my family, my friends, my gardens, my life!

Still looking up to Him who created such a wonderful world.

So lastly, in this blog I would like to think about how the ocean has negative ions yet brings so much positivity. Negative energy will do this. I am not sure how but am interested in what others think about this.

I am an empath and there has been much negative energy around me lately. Getting the house fixed up and lots of workers with different history’s. It is causing me to really work hard to find balance between physical, mental and spiritual.

Peace, love and joy to all of you!


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