Mood scan~


physical- (worked out 30 minutes and walked 2 miles), feel good tired not fatigued after my evening workout and walk.

mental- I’m good, exercise helps that and supplements

spiritual- a little lost right now. So much for freedom from religion. saying set prayers ritually is a mindless activity, but for someone like me, provides a routine which I miss. Might make up some prayers for every day of the week and that way they will be new and fresh. I can do this right now. Still intrigued by alchemy but today read a derogatory comment that upset me about God. I prayed for this person. It used to be me after all.

Watched a beautiful short video that helped me to avoid judging others. We really don’t know what other’s have been through so should never judge.

More on this on a later blog.

Blessings be to you all in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Source, The Almighty, God, Nature and this humble servant of God. Guess I’m not really humble…ha ha. We shall never know for sure, it’s that circle of life humility is.

peace love and joy

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