Our paths are different~

My path is my own as is yours.

We all have something to offer this world.

I like to put it out here on my blogs…

I remember my earliest experience with believing in God. I had been taught about Him, but it wasn’t real to me until one day on my way to kindergarten, my shoelace broke. I was in a hurry and it was such a big deal. I blamed God for the poor timing and then felt bad. I was around 5.

Didn’t think too much about Him except to rebel and become an atheist at the age of 17. I convinced others in my desolate time. Can’t help it. I got an A in persuasion in my speech class in college. How I loved to give speeches while I would take a bath and practice and practice.

But I don’t want this blog, which is coming to birth slowly, to persuade anybody of anything. I just want to share my experience with getting to know God, the Source of all that is good; this spiritual journey that I am on I am so excited to share. I don’t know where I will end up but through my sharing of my path, I will get somewhere and I am at peace with that.

I have studied many religions in my life and any religion that is convinced theirs is the only way just doesn’t resonate with my soul at this stage in my life.

I do believe in Christ, so got that base covered. How terrible that sentence sounds rereading it. But I am not going to change a word. God knows and I need say nothing more.

We have some sort of deal; I ask for guidance and then let the cards unfold. Some days I don’t know what to do next and when I remember that is when I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to things that matter.

What a waste is chatter but I guess it serves a purpose somewhere.

Now I have nothing left to say tonight. Had a very busy day at home and going to relax and watch a rom com with my daughter. Going to take a break and enjoy myself thinking of nothing spiritual until later.


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