Checking my status live~

I still have a moral guide which encompasses kindness, compassion, sympathy, empathy, honesty (this one is still hard for me tho), love and forgiveness.

Cuz its all about me! Just kidding!

But feeling the need to do a alchemic scan right now…

Lots going on internally, not so much externally except that it is really hot and kind of drained…

Physical- hot, lethargic, not much activity today due to the heat, vices prominent but no abuse anymore, finally going to get some help for an old injury of my hip. Wish me well please.

Mental- solid, some grief for my parents dying one day maybe soon, have apt. with anticipatory grief therapist for check in but altogether feeling pretty good about my needs mentally.

Spiritual- wishing well on others instead of karma, feeling connected to the Source of all that is good. Rest day today and taking full advantage of a day of not doing very much. Feeling peace in my heart and soul and happy to be alive. No deep meditation today but it is what it is.

I set my intention this month for positive energy only and it’s working. I find myself much more at peace and full of joy and love for all.

The people who have hurt me verdantly or inadvertently need healing so I’m gonna pray hard for those who enjoy it being their job to make others miserable as they are. I find humor in this as it no longer affects me as much.

I started wearing a black tourmaline pendant and ever since clearing it with rock salt water for 24 hours been feeling like it really protects me from all the negativity in the world and my life. Ahh, the power of crystals I am finding very interesting.

Did my harvesting of lavender tincture last night… it’s more subtle smell than I like but others will enjoy it. Going to make the next batch with vodka and let it sit longer. This is my first alchemical experiment! Exciting.

God is love; I am love too.

God is holy; I am holy too.

God is humble; I am humbled by my many missteps

I think this mantra, “I am good, I am holy, I am humbled”. when I am feeling less than due to my time as a catholic and the learned shame for so much, I find myself repeating this mantra. I still have a moral guide which encompasses kindness, compassion, sympathy, empathy, honesty (this one is still hard for me tho), love and forgiveness.

I still hold onto a lot of negative experiences and am looking for ways to release these thoughts from my being. My mentor suggested that I inventory them. Sounds good?

Noooooo, to write down all my mistakes? Maybe need a new mentor as I don’t find that helpful to put it in pen or computer.

Anybody have any suggestions?

peace, love and joy


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