Spiritual journey continued…a surprise!

Well hello to all~ from different religions, cultures, LBGQT+ and anything else that we may be different in.

We are all on a journey and mine is not unique I can finally honestly say yet it is because we were all made different, think different, act different etc.

As my journey continues I felt led to reread some old journals I wrote circa 2005. It was a time in my life I was content with my belief system and it brought me back to realizing that I actually am Catholic in the universal sense.

I have decided to become an activist within the Catholic Church. Not quite sure what this will look like in the future but God has never let me down. Additionally, I forgive the Church for her missteps throughout the years. I have always had deep love and respect for the Church minus the shame, so here I am. Yay go me.

I am still studying alchemy, the healing power of crystals and learning how to be an empowered empath, all while being Catholic. Doesn’t seem like it can get better but God is full of surprises so who knows what amazing things the future holds?

peace, love and joy and light to all


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