This powerful force I call God~

I wonder though if a first class relic in my possession is bringing us good health and fortune.

He doesn’t always interfere, He allows me much freedom, all the freedom I want except in various parts of my life.

I cannot begin to describe how I know God exists. He has touched down so many times in my life that I just couldn’t list them all because there have been so many times.

I ran rampant as a teenager and He protected me from so much and still does and I know He always will.

I haven’t had to ask lately what He wants from me. I know and do it happily for the most part.

Mundane tasks, mixed with fun, naps, exercise, good hygiene, deep spiritual talks with certain people, time with my pets and those of others, sleep at a regular time, not to spend money.

I am attracting money right now. I send this out to all who are struggling. Put out in the universe your needs and do all in your power to make good choices and watch it come to fruition.

I wonder though if a first class relic in my possession is bringing us good health and fortune. I was going to give it to a church, but thinking will keep it. It a piece of the bone of St. Philomena, a virgin martyr from the 300’s. Priceless. Powerful. I still believe in the power of Mary and the saints but prefer these days to talk directly to God. He doesn’t answer back but is always guiding me, directing me when I ask and helping out with many things.

This may sound childish, but I still blame God when things go awry, from my shoelace coming untied to my earbuds getting stuck and falling out of my ear. I have been told I am an old soul and an empath. I agree with the empath part but feel so young in my studies of God. To blame God for my day not going perfectly just doesn’t seem to be something that an old soul would do.

Hard to grasp!

I have studied many religions and find them all fascinating but when they get to the part that to practice their religion fully is to deny that other religions may be right, I lose interest. I believe Jesus is the way, but there are many ways that Jesus presents Himself in our lives.

I would like a spiritual mentor. Just fired mine but she doesn’t know it yet. I need more than just being told to inventory negative thoughts.

I release them now quite successfully. More peace, more time to do things seemingly unimportant. But it is all relative I suppose.

peace, love and joy