One in one through one…

I believe in one God, the creator of us all, and upon us his gaze is ever and constant. He knows before I, yet lets me make my own choices as fucked up as they many as ever as the stars.

I choose good and not to harm others just saying…

I might harm myself, not on purpose but through vices that pop up daily and occassionally.

But I look up to Him who made Heaven and Earth and me and you for love, inspiration and devotion. I wont give up ever!

Im leaning back to the Catholic Faith once again. Although I will never say for sure that this is the right religion the rituals enthrall me at a very spiritual level especially in Spanish. I attended a funeral the other day and it was beautiful yet so sad but their devotion to Christ and His love was perfect and unending like his love…

In Jesus

The healing power of crystals~

Tonight, I cleansed and activated a quartz formation crystal and used it to clear some negative thought patterns. Amazing results so far.

I discovered crystals a month ago. I have been around them my whole life but didn’t realize their healing powers or recognize their energy to draw from.

I am amazed and as I usually do I am really digging in and getting to know more about them. I took a class last night by Nicholas Pearson and bought his book Crystal Basics available on Amazon. It is a great value for such important and timely information.

Tonight, I cleansed and activated a quartz formation crystal and used it to clear some negative thought patterns. Amazing results so far.

Allow me to explain. For as long as the sun rises since my birth really, I have held onto mistakes or missteps that are negative. I play these scripts through my head every day and there is a lot of them. One involved me giving directions wrongly to a woman 20 years ago. I did still feel bad but have now released it and don’t remember why this bothered me so much.

I am asking for crystals for my birthday. I am 50 and feel like this has been a huge year for me in so many ways. I have again left my childhood faith and embarked on a alchemical and now crystal journey and also discovered this year that I am an empath with mainly people but also animals and all of mother nature.

Thinking about it Al-chemically here is the breakdown of my 50 years of being alive. Wait not ready for that, let’s say that looking at my first year being 50.

Physical- have lost 35 pounds in a year, have some physical limitations, started a strength training workout at home program which kicks my butt and lots of walking and yoga…

Mental- I have a serious mental health disorder, which is under control with medicine and supplements. I have done therapy which I have not found particularly helpful except for my grief therapist for anticipatory grief with my dad. The thought of him dying leaves me numb still but have processed a lot and no longer suffer as much.

Spiritual- left the Catholic church to the shock of many. Began my alchemy studies, embracing the Source of all that is good and discovered crystals for their healing powers.

A good year but many changes. Didn’t mention the pandemic but it has affected me greatly as well but too much to write about.

peace love and joy,